Stop Static Cling Before It Does You In

When you don’t prevent static, your clothes can turn on you. Take a look at what happens when you don't use anti-static sheets. Be safe and toss out static with Bounce®.

Stop Static Cling Before It Does You In

Static cling occurs when different fabrics rub together in dry air, like in winter. The fabrics stick together because the positively and negatively charged particles of the fabrics attract (and cling to) each other when they come in contact. In layman’s terms, your top is as attracted to your pants as a magnet is to a fridge. So, how do you stop the static cling from happening?

Dryer Sheets for Static Cling

Fortunately, you don’t need special powers to remove static cling from clothes. Let Bounce Dryer Sheets  fight the battle for you. Dryer sheets stop static cling by balancing the electric charge of the different fabrics, preventing the build-up of static electricity that creates that pesky static cling.

Dryer sheets also make your garments feel softer and smell better − think of a cute baby bunny on a daisy-fresh spring morning. The fabric of each dryer sheet is treated with a fresh scent, fabric softener and anti-static agents. When the dryer sheet heats up in the dryer, the fabric softener, scent and anti-static agents disperse throughout the load of clothes to leave your garments soft and fresh with less static.

So, if you if you want your clothes to be ready to wear, but they’re always covered in pet hair or are super clingy, then you definitely need to prevent static cling! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Bounce Dryer Sheets will help your clothes lead a no-strings-attached lifestyle in no time. Just toss a sheet into the dryer with your clothes, and leave that static cling behind!

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