How to Soften Clothes.

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How to Soften Fabrics

Stiff, itchy, and uncomfortable fabrics are the worst, especially when you’re trying to sit still or make a good first impression and those fabrics are against your skin. If you’re tired of your clothes ruining your vibe, look no further. In this article Bounce will take a look at how to make clothes softer using various tried-and-true methods throughout your laundry process.

How Do Dryer Sheets Soften Clothes?

Bounce Dryer Sheets work to soften fabrics after they’ve been through the wash and are tumbling around inside the drum of your dryer. As you’re adding the damp load of laundry to your dryer, add a dryer sheet before you select a setting and start the dryer. For larger loads, you can use two or three dryer sheets.

Each Bounce dryer sheet has been engineered to leave every load of laundry feeling softer and smelling fresh. As your dryer heats up during the drying cycle, the unique blend of fragrances and fabric-softening compounds infused within the dryer sheet is activated, dispersing throughout your clothing as it bounces (no pun intended!) around in the dryer drum. Not only does it give your clothes a smoother, softer feeling, but each Bounce dryer sheet helps reduce static and minimizes the amount of lint and hair that stick to your clothes.

Choose the right product

Discover all the ways Bounce dryer sheets help fight static, pet hair, wrinkles and lint, so your clothes can look and feel their freshest.

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Tips to Keep Clothes Soft

Read the Fabric Care Instructions

We can’t stress this step enough, read your fabric care labels, understand how each needs to be washed and dried, and separate your clothing into like-cycle loads before washing to achieve maximum softness and freshness once they’re dried. Knowing the correct way to wash and dry your fabrics is critical to keep your clothing looking and smelling like the day you bought them.

Use Dryer Sheets

At Bounce, we don’t have to tell you that we’re huge fans of the dryer sheet. Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets instill incredible softness that lasts while giving your clothes that amazingly fresh scent right out of the dryer and beyond.