How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes.

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How to remove pet hair from clothes

Pets are the best addition to any family. Playing with our dogs in the backyard, relaxing with feline friends on the couch, or cuddling with our guinea pigs are some of the greatest things in life. But the biggest downside of having pets is getting their hair everywhere, especially on your clothes. If you feel like you can’t leave your house without pet hair sneaking into your clothes, Bounce collected some tips to help eliminate your fur baby’s hair from your laundry.

How to Remove Pet Hair from Laundry

Step 1

Run your regular laundry cycle to wash your laundry. Use the correct cycle for each load, depending on the fabric care tag instructions.

Step 2

Load your dryer with your laundry after the washing cycle. To help remove pet hair from your clothes in the dryer, use Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets.

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Tips on Removing Pet Hair

Remove Pet Hair from Bedding

After a long day, we just want to lay down on our beds. To make the experience even better, we invite our pets to cuddle up before going to sleep. Like always, pet hair gets everywhere. To make your life easier, we recommend you wash your bedding once a week to reduce the accumulation of pet hair. When the bedding is ready to dry, toss it into the dryer with a Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheet to collect your pet's hair in the lint trap.

Clean Your Washer’s Lint Catcher

Many washing machines drain into a stationary tub before that water goes down the drain. If so, you should be using a lint catcher. You can buy mesh lint catchers at a local Home Good store--or historically people have been known to make their own from panty-hose. Either way, this should be changed frequently to allow water to flow since lint and pet hair will accumulate in the catcher.

How to Prevent Pet Hair on Clothes

There are some easy tips to follow to prevent your pet’s hair from getting on your clothes:

  • Vacuum your floors and carpet to get rid of loose hair before it gets to your clothes.
  • Brush your pet regularly to prevent shedding from getting worse.
  • Use Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets. in the dryer for long term static protection to help keep clothes from attracting loose hair.