How to Use Dryer Sheets.

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How to Use Dryer Sheets

Nothing beats using a Bounce dryer sheet when doing laundry. Not only do their freshening scents linger on your clothes, but clothing dried with a dryer sheet comes out feeling softer to the touch and with less annoying static once it’s time to separate, fold, and hang laundry.

In this article, we’re going to take some time to explore how to use a dryer sheet as well as uncover some amazing additional uses for fabric softener sheets around your home.

How to Use Dryer Sheets

When you’re standing in the laundry aisle at your local grocery store, it can be a bit intimidating to choose what to buy. While laundry detergents and fabric softeners are great, the simplicity of a dryer sheet and how convenient and easy they are to use make them a very popular choice! We’ll be focusing specifically on the dryer sheet in this article.

Below, we’re going to go over some steps below on how to use your Bounce Dryer Sheets once you’ve completed washing your next load of laundry.

Step 1: Load the Dryer

Put damp clothing from your washing machine into the dryer, being sure your lint trap is clean and free of debris from your last drying load.

Step 2: Add a Bounce Dryer Sheet

Simply add your favorite Bounce Scented (or hypoallergenic) Dryer Sheet on top of your wet laundry and shut the door!

Step 3: Dry Your laundry

Start the dryer on the cycle you’d normally use and let Bounce take care of the rest! Your sheet will go to work fighting static cling, freshening fabrics, and softening your garments so they’re ultra comfortable.

How Many Dryer Sheets Should I Use?

That depends on the size of your load. For a small load, use 1. For a medium sized load, use two. For a large or extra-large load use 3. If you find yourself often doing large loads, you may want to consider using one of Bounce’s new Mega Sheets. Mega sheets are specially designed to provide 3X static and wrinkle fighting ingredients* with just one sheet.

*vs. leading dryer sheet

Choose the right product

Discover all the ways Bounce dryer sheets help fight static, pet hair, wrinkles and lint, so your clothes can look and feel their freshest.

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What Types of Fabrics Can Dryer Sheets Be Used on?

In general, items that can be tumble dried can be done so with a dryer sheet. This will help prevent pesky static cling and wrinkles, and will leave clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Hack for Using Dryer Sheets: Air Fresheners

The freshening power of your dryer sheets don’t need to be limited to your clothes. Thanks to their enduring scents and slim, sheer construction, dryer sheets are great at freshening odors in tight spaces like sweaty gym bags, the bottoms of trash cans, and even slid between your mattress and fitted sheets. When you are packing clothes for a trip or for off-season storage, slipping a few dryer sheets in your suitcase or bin will help your clothes to smell fresh when you unpack them. They’re so much more than just dryer sheets—they’re mini-air fresheners!