Don't Let Winter Static Get the Better Of You

Struggling to manage winter static? Don’t know what to do about that halo of winter static hair or clothes that make you get zapped? Well, while dry winter air is to blame for that static buildup, there’s a rather simple solution!

Don't Let Winter Static Get the Better Of You

What’s Up With Winter Static?

To understand what’s going on, here’s a helpful fact: the drier the air (meaning there’s less moisture in the atmosphere), the more likely static electricity will build up in your clothes. Winter is famous for dry air, that’s why you need so much moisturizer and anything you touch gives you a little electric shock.

The contrast between the cold outside air and the heated air indoors exacerbates the lack of moisture. The reason zaps occur more frequently in the cold is that it’s harder for static charges in your clothes (from when materials rub together) to dissipate, and it’s easier for it to build up compared to when it’s warm and humid. On a cold winter morning, even a small electric shock can be a real jolt to the system.

What About Static Hair in Winter?

If you’ve noticed your hair standing on end pointing toward the sky, your wool beanie might be the culprit. Dry hair, low humidity and wool are the perfect storm for static electricity, and so your hair will be like an untamed horse.

You might be looking for anti-static hair products for winter, but you might be surprised to find the solution in the laundry aisle. Bounce® Dryer Sheets are surprisingly helpful when it comes to taming those fly-aways. Just rub a dryer sheet over the inside part of your hat and it will help reduce static build-up. You could even keep one in your bag so you’ll never have to worry about static hair in winter again!

How to Get Rid of Winter Static with Bounce® Dryer Sheets

Bounce® Dryer Sheets fight winter static cling in clothes, too! Just toss a few sheets in the dryer to reduce static build-up. This handy little trick will save you from the embarrassment of zapping your boss as you shake hands, or your satin dress clinging to your legs as you walk.

But there’s even more good news! Bounce Dryer Sheets not only help remove static cling, they also help reduce wrinkles, soften your clothes and give your clothes the scent of outdoor freshness.

Now, when you’re all cozy indoors, safe from the chilly winter air, when you get a rude static shock, you know what to do! The next time you do laundry, toss your clothes in the dryer with a Bounce® Dryer Sheet, and in one step, you’ll toss that winter static cling goodbye!

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