Droppin’ Science On Dryer Sheet Uses

Droppin’ Science On Dryer Sheet Uses

Dryer Sheet Use #1: Static

Wondering how Bounce Dryer sheets work their magic on your clothes? First, you should probably know, it’s not magic. Its amazing smelling science! (Sorry magicians.)

When your clothes tumble in the dryer, all that tumbling, dry heat and friction creates static electricity. Some clothes get a negative charge, others get a positive charge, and next thing you know you have a sock stuck on your back.

Luckily, Bounce® works in the dryer where static happens. Softening ingredients are transferred from the Bounce® dryer sheet to the surface of fabrics via heat and physical contact during the tumbling of the dryer. Lubricating fiber surfaces with Bounce® helps prevent the friction that leads to a static charge. Be safe and get rid of static with Bounce.


Dryer Sheet Use #2: Wrinkles

Keeping your clothes looking great isn’t easy, unless you use Bounce dryer sheets.

Bounce dryer sheets activate with heat and work to soften fabric, while it dries. Every sheet has softening ingredients woven right into it, which helps your clothes feel smooth and reduce wrinkles.


Dryer Sheet Use #3: Scent

When you use Bounce, you can smell like a million bucks– if a million bucks was outside and super fresh. But, what’s behind that fresh scent?

When your clothes tumble with Bounce in your dryer, perfumes get released and your clothes are left smelling outdoor fresh. Or pick from another scent available from Bounce if the outdoors isn’t your thing!


Dryer Sheet Use #4: Softening

Lucky for everyone it’s not the era of BB– Before Bounce. Those were hard times.

Now you can toss a Bounce dryer sheet in your dryer and soften everything. But how does it work? The heat from your dryer activates softening agents that transfer to the fibers in your clothes while they tumble. It’s that easy.

Pet Hair

Dryer Sheet Use #5: Pet Hair

If you have a pet, chances are your pet has hair and it’s everywhere. That’s where Bounce comes in.

Bounce dryer sheets are proven to repel pet hair. But, how do they work? When you dry your clothes with a Bounce dryer sheet, it reduces the static charge in the fabric, which allows your clothes to shed unwanted pet hair, just like your pet.

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