Frequently Asked Questions about Bounce®

Get the inside track on how Bounce® works.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bounce®

Frequently Asked Questions

  • During the tumbling of the dryer, fabric care agents are transferred from the Bounce® dryer sheet to the surface of fabrics. These fabric care agents have a lubricating effect that causes fibers to feel smooth.

  • It’s no secret. Static is known to build up in the dryer when fabric fibers, especially synthetics, rub together and generate friction.

    Luckily, Bounce® works in the dryer where static happens. Softening ingredients are transferred from the Bounce® dryer sheet to the surface of fabrics via heat and physical contact during the tumbling of the dryer. Lubricating fiber surfaces with Bounce® helps prevent the friction that leads to a static charge.

  • Why would you? In the US, the average cost of our dryer sheets is 5¢ each.* So you can afford to use a new one every time! Plus, a reused sheet won’t provide nearly the same great benefits as a new one, since most of the fabric conditioner is used up in one use.

    *Actual retail price is at the sole discretion of the retailer.

  • Bounce® was developed to use in a full load of damp fabrics. Tossing a Bounce® sheet in the dryer with only one wet or dry garment can lead to staining. If you've washed your blouse and want to dry it with a Bounce® sheet, we suggest adding a damp bath towel to the load.

  • From a heavy concentration of fabric conditioner. Single items or small loads need help distributing the fabric conditioner. So try adding a damp bath towel or other heavier weight fabric to single items or small loads, to help even it out.

    Fabrics that attract fabric conditioner like certain polyesters are prone to spotting. Check your garment care tag; it may recommend "no fabric softener." If you have fabric conditioner spotting on a garment, it may be prone to spotting.

    Bounce® was designed to be used with damp fabrics. And used in dry loads, fabric conditioner stains can occur – but these are usually temporary. To remove them, rub wet fabric/stained area with a bar soap, then rewash the garment in warm water.

  • You betcha! Based on our testing, Bounce® is safe for all major brands of North American dryers. In fact, these manufacturers have approved Bounce® for use in their dryers: Amana®, GE®, Inglis®, Whirlpool®, Kenmore®, and Maytag®.

  • Bounce® shouldn't be used on children's sleepwear or other garments labeled ‘flame resistant’ as it may reduce flame resistance.

  • We hope the information we've provided on this site is helpful. But if you need to know more, check out our corporate website. You'll find information about our company history, trademark, major brands, and links to other helpful links.

  • Yes - try Bounce Free® & Gentle! It's dermatologist-tested, perfume free, and mild on skin.

  • For sure. All Bounce® products are safe for use on your whites and your most colorful clothes.

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