8 Ways To Keep Your Laundry Soft for Longer

There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you pull laundry out of the dryer and it feels so fresh and soft you have to snuggle up to it and take a deep breath. Unfortunately, that soft freshness can be so fleeting, but it doesn’t have to be.

8 Ways To Keep Your Laundry Soft for Longer

Keep your clothes laundry-day fresh and soft with the help of these basic tips and Bounce®!

  1. Don’t forget to take a washed load out of the washer. That smell! That awful, dank smell that happens when you forget to take your wet clothes out of the washing machine for way too long. Don’t let that smell happen to your clothes ever again! Set a timer, turn the notification sound on your washing machine on, or send yourself a reminder via an online service. Do whatever it takes to not forget what’s supposed to be a freshly-washed load of laundry.

  2. Soften your load in the washer and dryer. Remember that you can use fabric softener in your washing machine or a dryer sheet in the dryer—just don’t forget this step because it really goes a long way toward not only softening your clothes, but also fighting static cling.

  3. You remembered to use fabric softener or dryer sheets to helps prevent wrinkles and helps soften your clothes. That’s awesome; now follow through by hanging and folding your clothing in a timely manner so you can iron less.

  4. Practice pet hair and lint prevention. Not everyone knows that in addition to softening your clothes and preventing wrinkles, dryer sheets help keep pet hair and lint off your clothes, thereby keeping them fresher.

  5. Do not throw wet clothing in the hamper. Wet items should NEVER be thrown in a hamper because if you forget to wash them right away, they will get mildewy and develop a horrible stench that’s hard to get rid of in a basic wash.

  6. Put a dryer sheet in the bottom of your hamper to freshen it up.

  7. Don’t mix soiled clothes with clean clothes. Makes sense right? The thing is that sometimes when we’re in a hurry and only wore something once, we assume that it’s clean enough to put away to wear again another day. Give it the sniff test first. If it doesn’t smell clean and fresh, then don’t put it in with the clean and fresh clothing.

  8. Use dryer sheets in your drawers to prolong the scent of just-washed clean clothes. Why spend extra money on scented sachets for your drawers when you already have dryer sheets that smell great?!

Easy, right? Just goes to show that a little forethought and Bounce® dryer sheets help maintain your laundry’s freshness and softness with minimal effort on your part.

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