9 Ways Wrinkled Clothes Can Ruin Your Day

You’ve picked out and put on the perfect outfit. You walk out the door ready to conquer the day only to find out that you have fallen victim to wrinkles. Wrinkles are taking over your outfit and it all could have been so easily prevented with the use of a Bounce dryer sheet.

9 Ways Wrinkled Clothes Can Ruin Your Day

If you think that the only way to look sharp and prevent wrinkles from destroying your outfit of the day is to stay tethered to an iron, then rejoice because thanks to Bounce dryer sheets your dryer can become your best ally against wrinkles so that you never have to suffer the following indignities ever again!

  1. You have an important meeting, interview or date, but all anyone can focus on is how sloppy you look.

  2. You go to the store and ask where the makeup department is, but the salesperson tells you there’s a sale on irons. OUCH!

  3. Your gorgeous shoes are totally upstaged by your crumpled clothing.

  4. Your striped shirt ends up looking like a zig-zag shirt.

  5. You run into your frenemy from high school. She’s lookin’ all chic and you’re lookin’ all crinkly. Trust us, she noticed!

  6. Your mother gives you THAT look. That look that says, “Is that what you’re wearing, wrinkles and all?!”

  7. You’re in a rush to get out the door, but everything in your closet looks like it’s been balled up under your bed for the last three decades. Guess who’s gonna be late?

  8. Your maxi dress ends up looking like it’s a midi dress. Cross your fingers that midis are in again!

  9. You spend the whole day at work trying to use the hand dryer in the bathroom to get the wrinkles out and your productivity suffers badly.

And to think all these horrors could have been prevented if you just used a dryer sheet when you were drying your clothes. Why? When you put a sheet of Bounce into your dryer, your dryer becomes a super-powered wrinkle-fighting machine. Fabric care agents in the dryer sheet are transferred to the fabrics and help treat them so they are softer, smoother and resistant to wrinkling. And you avoid all the embarrassment.

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