Bounce® Lasting Fresh Mega Dryer Sheets

Wouldn't you love if your clothes could keep that fresh from the dryer feeling for longer? With Bounce® Lasting Fresh Mega Dryer Sheets, they can! From the time you take your clothes out of the dryer til the time you take them out of the drawer, that long-lasting freshness will be there for you to enjoy!

Bounce® Lasting Fresh Mega Dryer Sheets

  • Freshness that lasts from dryer to drawer
  • 40 days for freshness from wash until wear
  • 3X wrinkle fighter power*
  • 4-in-1 benefits—provides long-lasting freshness, reduces static, fights wrinkles, and softens fabrics

*vs. leading dryer sheet


How to Use Bounce Lasting Fresh Dryer Sheets

Just use 1 Bounce® Lasting Fresh Mega Sheet per normal dryer load. Enjoy long-lasting freshness in fabrics as well as fewer wrinkles, less static, and extra softness with an outdoor fresh and clean scent that smells great from the dryer and lasts to when you pull it from your drawer.

Bounce® Around The House

  1. Tuck them in drawers and closets.
  2. Put one in your gym bag.
  3. Stash in your towel closet.
  4. At the bottom of the trashcan.
  5. Pack in your suitcase.