Product Details

• Provides 3X the wrinkle-fighting power of regular Bounce dryer sheets
• Twice the size of regular dryer sheets
• Reduces static cling in fabrics
• Leaves your clothes extra soft


1 sheet per load

Just toss in one Bounce WrinkleGuard Mega Sheet to iron less, fight more static, repel more lint and pet hair, and add more softness and freshness to your clothes versus a regular Bounce dryer sheet.

Other Uses

Bounce Around The House.
  • 1. Tuck them in drawers and closets.
  • 2. Put one in your gym bag.
  • 3. Stashed in your towel closet.
  • 4. At the bottom of the trashcan.
  • 5. Packed in your suitcase.


Q: Why are my clothes still wrinkled after drying?  
A: The amount of wrinkle-fighting ingredients in regular dryer sheets does not provide enough power or garment coverage to reduce wrinkles in some fabrics.  To improve wrinkle-fighting power in the dryer, we recommend Bounce® WrinkleGuard Mega Sheets, which contain triple the wrinkle-fighting ingredients and are 2x larger in size compared to regular Bounce dryer sheets for better coverage and better wrinkle protection in the dryer.

Q: Do Bounce® WrinkleGuard Mega Sheets replace my iron or steamer? 
A: Maybe not, but they will help you iron or steam less!  WrinkleGuard Mega Sheets protect against wrinkles while in the dryer, leaving you with less-wrinkly clothes as you pull them right out of the dryer.  Wrinkles fall out with just a shake, reducing the need to iron certain fabrics.  If you find wrinkles on lightly-worn items or garments in storage, we recommend using Bounce® Rapid Touch Up 3-in-1 Clothing Spray.  Spray and smooth away wrinkles in minutes for your on-the-go needs – no dryer necessary.

Q: How many Bounce® WrinkleGuard Mega sheets should I use? 
A: Use no more than one Mega Sheet per load to see the WrinkleGuard benefits.