Prevent Embarassing Moments

Life is not without its embarrassments, but thankfully some of them can be easily prevented with dryer sheets of all things.

Prevent Embarassing Moments

Guard yourself against the following preventable embarrassments by stocking up on Bounce® dryer sheets and remembering to use them each time you throw a load of laundry into the dryer.

  1. You’ve been walking around with a sock stuck to the back of your shirt. Hmmm, maybe that’s why you end up with so many single socks?

  2. Your bangs are sticking straight up and you weren’t going for a spiky look. It happened after you got chilly and put your pullover on over your head, which had enough static in it to make your bangs go berserk.

  3. You look like you’re wearing fur pants, but really it’s that you’re covered in cat hair. Ew.

  4. You thought you looked great until you stepped outside and the sunlight made it clear that you’re covered in lint.

  5. That cute pencil skirt you’re wearing keeps sticking to your thighs and riding up... and up and up. In fact it’s getting so short, you could call it an eraser skirt. A Bounce® dryer sheet could have banned that static cling!

  6. You know what’s worse than a skirt riding up in the front? When it gets stuck in far too revealing places on your posterior. Not a good look.

  7. You go to a friend’s house that has a no-shoes policy, and when you take off your shoes you notice they kind of stink. You bathe regularly and your feet don’t particularly smell, but shoes can still build up an odor. Putting dryer sheets in shoes when they aren’t being worn banishes odors!

  8. You invite your pals over for a Netflix marathon, lower the lights and hit play when someone says, “What’s all that stuff on your screen?!” Gasp! How embarrassing! And to think you could have run a dryer sheet along the TV to remove and repel dust so that you and your friends could have a crisp dust-free viewing experience.

  9. Your clothes didn’t look wrinkled when you put them on, but after your commute it’s like your outfit is made of wrinkles. Didn’t practice proper prevention with a dryer sheet, did you?

  10. It’s winter and you love wearing a knit hat because it looks so chic. But if you forget to use a dryer sheet on it when laundering, you better plan on never taking that hat off ’cause who knows what kind of static hat-head hairdo you’ll be sporting.

  11. Have you ever had a pair of underwear stuck to the inside of your pant leg because of static cling and not noticed until it came tumbling out? Yeah, I might know someone that happened to, and it was not cool at all. At least the underwear was clean.

  12. You’re going on vacation and couldn’t be more excited, but when you pull out your luggage it smells musty and rank. You could have stored it with a dryer sheet inside to prevent that from happening. Just sayin’.

  13. You packed the perfect outfits for your trip, but once you unpack them they look less than perfect. You didn’t use a dryer sheet when you washed them so now they are all wrinkled. Hope you packed an iron or that the hotel has one to borrow!

  14. You have unexpected guests spending the night and when you pull out the spare set of linens you have, they get mistaken for sandpaper. Ouch!

  15. Your guests take a shower and when they’re done, they look all traumatized from having used your scratchy towels that didn’t smell like they were just washed.

  16. Dinner at home seems so much more fancy when you use fabric napkins. Too bad your cloth napkin just cut your mother-in-law’s upper lip—or at least that’s what she’s claiming. Such an exaggerator. Interesting that it didn’t stop her from going on and on about how much softer her own cloth napkins are.

  17. Speaking of your mother-in-law she can’t stand your cat and lets you know every chance she gets that she doesn’t want to sit on your sofa because EWWW cat hair. Well, you can’t pop the couch in the washer and dryer, but you can run a vacuum over it and use a dryer sheet to wipe up any extra cat hair before she comes over again.

  18. It’s picture day at school and you let your child get ready on her own. The picture turns out to be a disaster because of crazy, static-filled hair and wrinkled clothes, but you have to pay for the pics anyway.

  19. You’ve got your gym bag in the back seat while you’re giving a coworker a ride home and your entire car smells like a sweaty linebacker’s hamper. A fresh dryer sheet tucked inside your bag would have sent that dirty linebacker smell on it’s way.

  20. Your neighborhood nickname is Static McStaticon. You don’t even try to fight it because you know you’ve earned it.

To think that all of these issues could have been solved before they even became an issue with the regular use of Bounce® dryer sheets. Now you know. May all your problems be this easy to solve!

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