The Science Behind Bounce Sport

Work outs are a messy business. Not only do you sweat and smell, but your sportswear will be a stinky mess as well. That unpleasant odor is caused by sweat transferring from your skin to your clothes.

Even if you toss your clothes into the washing machine right away, the smell will still hang around your sports gear just like a clingy girlfriend/boyfriend. Of course, you soon realize your quick-washing efforts amounted to nothing.

The Science Behind Bounce Sport

How Bounce® Sport™ Works

This is where brand new Bounce® Sport Dryer Sheets come into play. Regular dryer sheets think that their only job is to add some scent to your clothes, but Bounce® Sport™ does a lot more – they incorporate motion-activated freshness.

The sheet’s Odor Defense Technology, when distributed in the heat of the tumble dryer, helps to neutralize funky odors and keeps fighting bad smells even while you work out. The revolutionary smell-busting solution is made possible by the unique patented Odor Defense technology, which release odor-defending scent molecules. As you move, these Odor Defense molecules burst, discharging tiny clouds of fresh fragrance.

Bounce Sport is Different than Ordinary Sheets

With ordinary dryer sheets, the fragrances fade away quickly when exposed to air or moisture, while in the case of Bounce® Sport Dryer Sheets, the higher the intensity of your workout, the more scent molecules get released. Basically, the normal sequence of movement -> sweat -> smelly clothes is turned on its head with Bounce® Sport!

Toss a sheet into your dryer, and say goodbye to the embarrassment that you feel when your stinking clothes cause everyone to flee to a safe distance. Instead, become the fragrant sports champion you’ve always wanted to be!

So, become a laundry champion with Bounce® Sport and unlock your sportswear’s full potential with the power of motion-activated Febreze freshness.

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