Soften Fabric With Bounce® Dryer Sheets

There’s an easy way to soften stiff fabric! Use dryer sheets while drying your bedsheets, clothes and towels for a soft and fragrant end result. It’s even more effective than line drying in the sun. Go for Bounce® Dryer Sheets and choose from a variety of scents to pamper your bedding and clothing. If you have sensitive skin, go for the unscented version of Bounce® Dryer Sheets.

Soften Fabric With Bounce® Dryer Sheets

How Do Dryer Sheets Soften Clothes?

Bounce® Dryer Sheets are a quick and easy way of giving your clothes the softness you deserve. Just pull a sheet from the box and toss it into your dryer with your wet clothes. With Bounce® Dryer Sheets you can put a stop to that cardboard-feeling once and for all.

Bounce® Dryer Sheets Can Do Even More for Your Clothes

Whether you’re wondering how to soften sheets or how to make your clothes more comfortable, fabric softener sheets are an affordable and effective solution, with some nice added benefits. These include reducing wrinkles from your fabrics, giving them a lovely fresh scent, and fighting static cling so your clothes won’t stick together – or attract lint and pet hair.

So, if you hate the feeling of stiff clothes and towels or can’t sleep because your bedsheets are itchy and rough, end the madness and enjoy soft clothes and comfy bedsheets with Bounce® fabric softener sheets! With Bounce, your fabrics will be as soft and as comfortable as a bed of clouds.

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