Avoid Having to Iron Clothes

Mist your problems away

There’s no chore we moms and dads like less than ironing. But, no one likes wrinkled clothes, so what do you do? Fight against wrinkles and the need to iron with Bounce® dryer sheets using the tips below.

Avoid Having to Iron Clothes

It’s not that I hate ironing, but I’d rather use my time in other ways. Brew a cup of tea? Scroll my timeline? Read blog posts about laundry? If you’d like to free up some time by not having to lug out your ironing board or keep your eyes glued to your little ones who naturally seem drawn to anything extremely hot, here are some tips for you.

1. Don’t Overstuff the Machine

I know what it’s like to put off doing laundry until the only clean thing in your closet is that one slinky dress your friend convinced you to buy. Um, not exactly the kind of thing to wear to the grocery store. Sure, you might be tempted to wash all the laundry in one huge batch, but don’t do it! It’s one of the most common mistakes leading to not-so-clean and rumpled laundry. Instead, stick to manageable loads, so clothes come out fresh and less wrinkled.

2. Common Threads

Always think of drying time in terms of fabric weight. To avoid wrinkles, you’ll want your clothes to dry at about the same rate. You don’t want the baby clothes mixed in with dad’s heavy jeans or work pants. The lighter clothes will dry faster and will get crushed by the heavier clothes. Keep this in mind when sorting the laundry to be washed.

3. Mist Wrinkles Away

Life happens, and sometimes you forget the clothes in the dryer for a day or two. Your clothes are going to be wrinkled, but not all is lost. Light wrinkles can be vanquished with a mist of water. This technique works best on light fabrics like chiffon or cotton blends. Fill a clean spray bottle with water, and evenly mist the garment. Hang it up or let it dry flat and it’ll be looking smooth soon enough.

4. Steam Power

Good ol’ steam is my favorite way to erase wrinkles on clothes that can’t be saved otherwise. If you’re into steamy showers, bring the clothes into the bathroom with you, and hang them on the door hook. The steam will help remove those wrinkles. If that doesn’t work, I use my steamer. It gets the job done quick, and there’s no risk of scorching my clothes with the iron.

5. Use Dryer Sheets

You already know what clothes look and feel like when you forget the dryer sheets. Don’t be the mom whose dress sticks to her underwear! Eliminate static cling by tossing a dryer sheet into the clothes dryer with each batch of laundry. There are many types of dryer sheets and a range of fresh scents. Who doesn’t want the sheets to smell like a field of lavender blooms? You can also use hypoallergenic Bounce® Free & Gentle™ dryer sheets that are free of perfumes if anyone in your family has sensitive skin. Dryer sheets help your laundry come out of the dryer fresher and less wrinkled.

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