How do I replace the bar?

Dryer Bar Education
More about the dryer bar
Here’s the lowdown on the Bounce® dryer bar. It might just become your laundry’s best friend (and yours, too).

How do I replace the bar?

Super easy. Push down one of the tiny sides on the cradle and slide the base of the bar out (longways please).Then just slide in a new bar until you feel it click into place. Your dryer is now ready for a freshness jamboree for another couple of months*!

If you need the refill, you can purchase bar refills at your local retailer or go to for where to buy online. You’ll know when it’s time to replace your bar when the base reveals the word “replace” where the bar has faded away. This means its tour of duty is over, time to replace the bar!

*Depends on size of bar, frequency of use and dryer settings.

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