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Bounce Ironing Spray

Bounce Ironing Spray

Bounce Ironing Spray is a spray starch alternative that makes ironing easier and helps prevent clothes from re-wrinkling as you wear them. So it’s always super easy to smell as good as you look.

  • It removes wrinkles while ironing for a clean, pressed look
  • There’s no clogging, flaking, and residue like you might get with standard spray starches
  • Our patented polymer formula helps prevent wrinkles from returning
  • You get it all with the added scent of Bounce® Outdoor Fresh

How it works:

Molecules in an active ingredient attract moisture from the air. This relaxes fabric fibers and helps clothes resist wrinkling all day long, while you wear them.

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Ironing Spray
Ironing Spray
Ironing Spray
Ironing Spray
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